A courageous entrepreneur who sees opportunities that would be too daunting for others, Piet Grouwels began as a project developer and real estate investor in 1964.

He has built up a fine family business with a varied portfolio of more than 6,000 properties. The Grouwels Vastgoed management team is made up of the Managing Board members Roger Grouwels (1964), Chantalle Grouwels (1969) and Edward Grouwels (1977), Managing Director Richard Dohmen (1968) and Finance Director Ramon Smits (1970). Together with their team of 40 professionals, they work every day to make sure thousands of tenants enjoy the place they’re in.

Grouwels Vastgoed is a large private investor with substantial experience. It’s reliable and flexible, with a good track record of keeping to its agreements.

The team of Grouwels Vastgoed

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