About us

Piet Grouwels has been a project developer and investor in real estate since 1964.

He has operated as a developer, mainly in Limburg, and an investor across the whole of the Netherlands. Almost half a century later, a second generation of Grouwels is now at the helm of the company. The business has traditionally been based in Maastricht on Maasboulevard.

The management team at Grouwels Vastgoed is made of up Mr R. Grouwels (48), general manager, Mrs C. Grouwels (43), director, Mr E. Grouwels (35), director, Mr R. Smits (41), finance director, and Mr P. Bougie (57), property director.


At Grouwels Vastgoed, we work hard every day to ensure that thousands of tenants are able to benefit in full from their rental agreements. Our success stands or falls to a large extent by how satisfied these tenants are with us. Having clear vision, in-depth knowledge of the market and good strategic insight is a function of that success.

The business operations of Grouwels Vastgoed are conducted through two limited companies, Grouwels Vastgoed Beheer and Grovast Beheer Nederland.

Good causes

As part of our policy of corporate social responsibility, we like to contribute financially to a number of good causes.

One of these worthy causes is the Stichting Hoogvliegers (‘Highflyers’, a foundation dedicated to seriously ill and handicapped children). With support from Grouwels Vastgoed, more than 65 children are able to be pilots for a day out of Maastricht Aachen Airport as part of the Great Highflyer Days event.